Alra Skin Care

Alra carries a wide selection of specially formulated skin care products for cancer patients specifically designed to sooth, moisturize and hydrate irritated and dry skin from chemo and radiation treatments.

Skin Lotions

Contains 100% aloe vera, Vitamin E, Soluble collagen, Allatoin and lanolin.

Gentle Shampoo

Helps relieve itching and itchy scalp. Made with rosemary oil to stimulate circulation, no artificial fragrances or colors and ph balanced.

Non-Metallic Deodorant

Helps protect against odor and wetness. Made with cypress oil as a fragrant and contains no aluminum or metallic salts

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Alra has been providing skin care products for cancer patients since 1987 and is a trusted brand worldwide

The Office

  • Address: 5940 Oak Ave #488 Temple City, CA 91780
  • Phone: 877-265‐9092
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  • Website: radiation therapy skin care